1864: Charles Shondel to Benjamin Franklin Bowers

This letter was written by Charles Carrolus Shondel (1840-1895), the son of Jacob Schandel (1806-1870) and Mary Bachtel (1813-1860) of Canton, Stark county, Ohio. [Notice that Charley spelled his named “Shondel” as opposed to the way his father spelled it.] Charles married Martha J. Miller in 1867.

Charley wrote the letter to his friend, Benjamin Franklin Bowers, Jr. (1846-1914), the son of Benjamin F. Bowers (1807-1871) and Rebecca Lichtenwalter (1809-1877) of Stark county, Ohio. Benjamin married Sarah Jane Owens on 19 March 1866 in Van Wert county, Ohio. At the time this letter was written, Benjamin was serving in Co. G, 162nd Ohio Infantry. He enlisted in May 1864 and mustered out less than four months later at Camp Chase, Ohio.


[Stark county, Ohio]
July 17, 1864

Dear Friend,

It is with pleasure that I sit down to inform you that I am tolerable well at [the] present time and I hope that these few lines may find you well too. I must inform you that I received your kind letter on Saturday the 16th of July and I saw that you was well and hearty and I hope you may stay so till you come back again. You wrote me that I should take our separator to Canton and get it repaired but I think it best to take her to Massillon and get it spiked [?] as much as is necessary and balanced and a new pinion and I will get the alewaters [?] ware. I can get them the cheapest for, dear friend, I think they do the best spiking in Massillon. And you say about the horses you will tell me the next time you will write. I must inform you I hain’t settled up yet because I don’t like to keep the money in hands for it don’t stand very solid. But if you want me to settle up in particular, so let me know and I will. But maybe we would better let it go till you come back again.

That is all for tis time. My best respects to you and to yours. Your friend, — Charles Shondel

Hetty, lay your leg over and rest out till I come back again. Amen. Write soon and forget not.

My dear friend Benjamin Bowers. Your letter I can’t answer now as I would like to this time for I ain’t got time. Excuse me brother Ben. My best respects to you my friend. Give my compliments to all that knows me. Excuse poor writing and all mistakes. So I must close for this time. Write soon and forget me not. Miss Jane, please don’t sick so much when I get home again.

July 17 1864. Dear sir, It is with pleasure that I sit down to inform you that I received your kind letter and I saw that you was on duty for some time and I saw that you are a going to get married as soon as you get back again. I am going to get married too, I guess, but not so soon as that is for I ain’t promised yet. So I send my best respects to you, my friend, and tell all my friends. Dear friend, Jessie Bowers. Your friend, — Charly Shondel

Excuse bad writing and all mistakes if you please, Mr. Bowers.

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