1816: Daniel S. Campbell to David Campbell

I have been unable to find a genealogical record for this Campbell family. This letter suggests that there were three brothers by that name — Daniel of Readfield [MA]; David of Cambridge [NY], and George of Hartland [CT]. The only one I could find anything about was David Campbell (1781-1836) who was married to Isabella McLean (1786-1855). It is reported that David was the son of Alexander Campbell and Ruth Johnson but I have no other information.

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Addressed to David Campbell, Esquire, Cambridge, Washington County, New York

Readfield [Massachusetts]
December 5, 1816

Dear Brother,

I wrote a letter to Brother George not long since regarding my visiting him at Hartland [Connecticut] the first sleighing. Have had no answer and as ’tis in my mind uncertain whether he yet remains in the neighborhood of the springs or elsewhere I write you this hoping you will have the certainty of it. We have here good sleighing on a light snow. ‘Tis said to ____ Boston. If so, probably _____ ____.

Matter to you — I know not — Our court sits next week — after which I shall improve the first good sleighing to go by way of Boston to H____. I am very anxious to meet George there and should be pleased to meet you and all other brothers at the same time. As ’tis some uncertain when I shall be there again.

My particular anxiety to see George is that I may pay him that amount due from me as I am making exertions and hope to be able to do it. I also shall wish to see you in regard to the notes due from you and in addition to then assess the condition of my poor mother and her property calls loudly for our attention. That poor woman’s care is peculiar and I could hope every exertion on the part of her children should be called into exercise for her comfort and future support. I could be glad to know what money ___ but sent George and would try to accommodate him. I know before I leave here. I also could send you or George immediately under a line directed to me at Hartland stating what I may expect of your being at Hartland and if he or you or both should come what particular course you will take. As I shall feel impatient if I have long to wait at Hartland and may set outing pursuit of you and George.

Should I leve Hartland for Cambridge before I hear from you or George, I shall go through Windsor Village to Wethersford and follow the turnpike the same way I traveled with you taking the ____pike at Mt. Holly instead of the turnpike. Shall put up over night at the tavern near the brick house or at some tavern this side about half the distance from Hartland. When I stop for __ing, shall ____ my sleigh in shed or at the door with Buffalos upon it as a sign for you should you see me pass you. Maybe I shall be in a ___ bottom red sleigh. In going from Hartland to Windsor, I shall go down the Woodstock Turnpike.

However, I hope you will forward a letter so soon to Hartland that when I arrive, I may know where to find you. Present my respect to your wife, love to your children, & believe me your affectionate brother, — D. S. Campbell

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